Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dog Pound

It cost me $46 to bail Na'ilah out of the pound today.

We're having our chimney demolished and a new one built; the gated fence to the backyard was attached to the chimney but now one side swings crazily without an anchor.

It was too tempting for Na'ilah.

When someone walked a handsome German shepherd past the house, Na'ilah climbed through the gap and followed them to the end of the street.

My neighbor Eric didn't recognize her as our dog.

The owner of the shepherd didn't want Na'ilah to continue following him and perhaps get hit by a car, so he took charge.  She had no licence or dog tag on, so he took her to the local animal shelter.

She was so sweet about being taken that he told the desk clerk, "If no one claims her, I'll adopt her."

Why did she have no tags on?

I'd removed her Santa Monica ID when I took her to Colorado.  I just had my name and Colorado phone number on her, but she managed to lose that collar/harness and the ID with it.  It probably got snagged on a tree somewhere.

On our return her, I forgot to put her local ID back on.  That cost me $46--but at least she wasn't injured or permanently lost.